About us

Company NameNakamura Art Office, Inc.
Representative DirectorNaoto Nakamura
FoundedApril 2016 Nakamura Art Office, Inc.
August 2017 Establishment of Gallery NAO
Main businessInquiries and measures concerning inheritance
Assessment of appraisal of art works, appraisal acquisition agency · purchase
Purchasing, consigning, selling art objects
Planning and management of art events and exhibitions
Artist management
Advice on art collections
Consulting of art assets
Inheritance diagnostician
Museum curator qualified
Tokyo Art Cooperative
Member of the National Federation of Art Federations
Specified international type business operator S-13-31139
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission permission No. 30894160-5638
Credit card Regarding credit card handling, the following target items or services are excluded from handling.
Agency, brokerage, consignment sales (introduction service · auction agency etc.) · consulting

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